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MANOWAR Is Coming To Town! Your Chance To Win Tickets!

As the Gods And Kings World Tour 2016 gears up for its epic onslaught, we are calling upon all Manowarriors in and around the cities we´ll be invading: One of the most outstanding things about our fans is that many of you follow us from show to show, often across borders and oceans, to celebrate the power of true metal with your Brothers and Sisters!

We want to give these Road Warriors an insight into each stop on our upcoming tour. And we are calling for YOUR contributions!

Among all submissions we will draw a winner for each show on the Gods And Kings World Tour 2016.

Simply film or photograph what is special and noteworthy about any city on the upcoming Gods And Kings World Tour 2016.

Show us the most famous landmarks that are associated with your city of choice. Feel free to include hidden gems or places that have a special meaning for you. If you like, add a commentary or introduce yourself on or off camera.

Before you get started, read the How To Join and Terms And Conditions of this contest:

The prize:

- Two free tickets to a MANOWAR show of your choice on the Gods And Kings World Tour 2016 (transportation and accommodation not included)
- Your contribution will be published on the MANOWAR website, our YouTube channel and MANOWAR´s social networks
- Your contribution will become part of the MANOWAR universe and will be shared with the world – it may be used in videos created by the MANOWAR video team – maybe even in our next DVD!

You don´t have to be a resident of the city to win, but it is essential that you are the author of the material you submit.
No purchase is necessary to enter this contest.

So, pull out your cellphone or camera and shoot away! Submission deadline is September 30, 2015.

Don´t miss this opportunity and share your landmark views with the world!

For tour dates, ticket links and constant updates check and follow us on