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João Victor Silva Medeiros

João Victor Silva Medeiros


Metal Warrior!

The Saga of the Nine Kingdoms


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Adriano HELL

Adriano HELL

37 years old

Santana de Parnaiba-SP

Best play:
Kings of Metal

Best song:
Kingdom Come

The gods were favorable to me that Sunday in 1988 (I don´t remember the date) when the great brother Batista Sodom came to my house saying "You need to hear it." That afternoon a storm with a lot of lightning was formed in my town and so we put the K7 in the famous "3-in-1" device and under the sound Kingdom Come, we came out to the rain enjoying many times the album Kings Of Metal.

It was an unforgettable day for a person like me, I became a fan of the Kings for the rest of my life. After 10 years my son was born and registered with the name of Eric Adams. On 7/31/2002 Eric Adams himself called me thanking the honor. Now only missing one picture with the two Erics and the band to be completed.

Hail And Kill