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João Victor Silva Medeiros

João Victor Silva Medeiros


Metal Warrior!

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Fran Cullau

Fran Cullau

29 years old

Santa Maria-RS

Best play:
Gods of War

Best song:
Hymn of the Immortal Warriors

I met the band through one of my uncles when I was 16. It was a funny situation because I was reading a book of "Conan - The Barbarian" then he told me: "I'll show you four true Conan's and the sound they make. It was when he showed me the LP Anthology!

It was love at first sight. Of course I never stopped listening to Manowar! Recently I realized my dream to see Manowar live in a concert in Buenos Aires - Argentina on May 12, 2010 and will be an unforgettable day for me forever.

Besides listening to Manowar to five feet away, also had the opportunity and pleasure to meet Joey for a few minutes. He kindly agreed to take a picture with me. It was amazing and exciting! A true honor! I hope to have the chance to see and listen to Manowar for many, many, many years.

Long live our King!

Hail Manowar!