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João Victor Silva Medeiros

João Victor Silva Medeiros


Metal Warrior!

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Gustavo de Almeida

Gustavo de Almeida

16 years old

Paracambi - RJ

Best play:
Fighting the World

Best song:
Metal Daze

It is very hard to remember how I met Manowar, but I remember when.
The first song I heard was Kings of Metal, that was several years ago and look what I have just 16anos! But when I get real and realize that Manowar was my favorite band was when I heard "Metal Daze" in the live version of Monsters of Rock, and rightfully so I put it as my favorite song is very difficult to assess as each album has different styles.

Obvious that like any rock star, not only the short Manowar, but without a doubt is my favorite band!

I also hear very classic rock and death metal, do not listen to new / nu metal, because I think the vast majority of bands that are all styles of posers. I hear very old band, to be honest I only listen to old band!

To guys in orkut, I participate in the BSOD community and Manowar community.

To all brothers of metal I share with you my passion for Manowar, I hope that when they come back to Brazil I can be there with you on the show singing louder than hell and make it an unforgettable show.