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Marina Marques

Marina Marques

32 years old

Goiânia - GO - Brasil

Best play:
Battle Hymns

Best song:
Battle Hymn

When the band came to Brazil in 2010, did not excursion out of my city, which is Goiânia.

So I got out of work at 22 hours, and went to the bus station with clothing that was in the body, I took the first bus and traveled 906 km over 10 hours toward Belo Horizonte.

I got there at 8 am and I was wandering around town until show time. Had never gone in Minas Gerais, did not know anyone there and had no money.

I went to the show, I got excited, sang, screamed and after the show, I went to bus station and stayed till 8 am

waiting for the bus to travel for 10 hours and 906 km to return to Goiânia.
So far so good. The hard part is that the show was on the birthday of my son and was also the feast day of my grandmother (80 years.

Nobody understood my love for this band. Someone to leave behind the son's birthday, the anniversary of her grandmother, to travel 1812 kilometers (over 20 hours) to watch a s MANOWAR.

This photo is me on the Manowar show \ m /

Other bands play, MANOWAR KILL!!