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Notícias do Manowar

11/05/2012 - MANOWAR Announce Digital Release Of New Album For June 16, 2012

MANOWAR”s new studio album, The Lord Of Steel, will first be released worldwide on June 16, 2012 exclusively on iTunes and on the band”s own online store, The Kingdom Of Steel (... Read more

04/05/2012 - MANOWAR performs tittle song for the After Dark Action Film

The “El Gringo” Theme Is From MANOWAR´S Forthcoming AlbumMANOWAR and After Dark Films announced today that a track from the new, forthcoming MANOWAR album will be the theme song f... Read more

23/04/2012 - "Expendable": A second sneak preview from the new MANOWAR album

"Expendable": A second sneak preview from the new MANOWAR album, coming in Summer 2012.This second preview also comes from the private listening session held for a select group of ... Read more

20/04/2012 - First version of the song "Brothers of Metal" recorded in 1986

The MANOWAR Brazilian Soldiers of Death available to fans this rare version of the song "Brothers Of Metal", originally recorded in 1986.The MANOWAR intended to include the track o... Read more

04/04/2012 - One year after the death of Scott Columbus

One year after the death of Scott ColumbusToday, April 4, 2012, to complete one year left on Scott Columbus. But all Manowarriors and heavy metal fans will never forget his distinc... Read more

02/04/2012 - Why finns will invade Sweden this summer

In the video: Joey DeMaio and Finnish Manowarrior and Circle Member Pietari Heino explain why Finns will invade Sweden in July.Manowarriors in Sweden, Finland, Norway and from all ... Read more

24/03/2012 - Listen to the first preview from the new MANOWAR album

In the video: Members of The Circle listening to a preview of `El Gringo` from the forthcoming new MANOWAR studio album On March 12, 2012 a select group of special fans known... Read more

22/03/2012 - The Manowar BSOD represents Brazil in "The Circle"

Hail Brothers and Sisters of Metal!The MANOWAR created the "The Circle". For those unaware, is a group of fans around the world where each country has a representative.The MANOWAR ... Read more

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Kings of Steel


Kings of Steel was first conceived as a tribute to Manowar.
The band was formed in December of 2000 by Alex DiArce (bass guitars) and Cleber Krichinak (vocals). Karl Heinz Brehme (guitars) and Márcio Petian (drums) were invited for the lineup, so the team was complete.
Karl plays in the band until January of 2003. Evandro Moraes joins the band in his place.Kings of Steel
Another loss is faced by Kings of Steel in June of 2003, this time by Márcio Petian. Dill Ferrari was invited for the drums and plays until november that year.
In January of 2004, Marcus Castellani joins for the drums and leaves the band in August of 2008.
In January of 2009, Marcelo Petri becomes Kings of Steel's new drummer, and it was also when Carlos Favalli was invited for the keyboards.

The present Kings of Steel is:
Alex DiArce – Bass Guitars
Cleber Krichinak – Vocals
Evandro Moraes – Guitars
Marcelo Petri – Drums
Carlos Favalli – Keyboards


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