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João Victor Silva Medeiros

João Victor Silva Medeiros


Metal Warrior!

The Saga of the Nine Kingdoms


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Album: Gods of War

Music: Glory Majesty Unity

Deep into the heart of the battle they fought
Covered on all sides as all converged on them
Uuntil the four could no longer be seen
As time passed I feared them lost
Then slowly the armies separated, many were dead.
I saw the four each down on one knee
All stopped to watch and gaze upon them with a smile of victory before sending them into
The ground.

Then they rose together to make a final stand
With their last bit of strength they raised their arms into the air pointing blood stained weapons to the sky
They called upon the god of war and made ready to die
But odin would not call them this day to valhalla
Instead he sent thunder and lightning to strike the ground Bestowing upon them the one gift every warrior lives in hope of - the berserker rage!

Now filled with that strength, the power of a thousand men was given them
No longer mortal they were touched by the gods
This time when they took up the attack
Men fell not by tens, but by hundreds, by thousands
And when the smoke did clear
The four spoke the words and the masses answered the response of the warrior's prayer.

Gods of war I call you
My sword is by my side
I seek a life of honor
Free from all false pride

I will crack the whip
With a bold mighty hail
Cover me with death
If I should ever fail

Glory, majesty, unity
Hail! Hail! Hail!