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‎Published in 2012-03-09 - 15 minutes with MANOWAR


With MANOWAR non-stop in the studio working on the new record it is not easy to get a hold of them these days. The band took some time during a brief recording break to answer some frequently asked fan questions.

Q: How are MANOWAR doing?

Donnie: We’re doing great! We are having a blast in the studio, I am really happy with my drum sound and with these new songs I can really stretch out and burn.

Joey: Couldn’t be better. We are still so energized from the live shows last year that you can feel this killer energy in the studio coming out of the speakers. It’s amazing.

Q: Why haven't we heard more about the album on Facebook or on your website yet?

Eric: We've simply been so concentrated on working on the material that we literally couldn't be stopped. When you're in the middle of a creative process, or recording, there is simply no good time to take a break.

Q: What is the status on the album?

Joey: We are extremely critical of the songs in every step; I have said before that most of the stuff we reject other bands would consider finished. Finally now we are recording. And then the album goes into mixing and mastering.

Q: When will the album come out?

Karl: We will celebrate the world premiere at Gods Of Metal, Italy on June 21st. This will be our fourth headlining performance there - more than any other band ever - and the perfect place for our album premiere and return to Italy after 10 years!

Q: What can the fans expect of this new MANOWAR album?

Joey: Everything you have ever come to know and love about MANOWAR songs: Face-melting hymns of unity; Crushing and Pounding, Hard and Heavy - basically more of everything, and of course Louder!

Q: What will the title of the album be?

Joey: I would tell you but then I would have to kill you.

Q: Will the album cover feature art from the great Ken Kelly again?

Joey: Are MANOWAR fans the strongest in THE WORLD? Of course! Ken is the man! His paintings capture the spirit of our music perfectly.