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História do ManowarManowar began in 1980 when bassist Joey De Maio, who had a project with vocalist Ronnie James Dio, lost the partnership. Dio was called to be the new singer of Black Sabbath. With that, Joey De Maio went in search of a new members for Manowar, which included Eric Adams (vocals), who remains in the band today, Ross The Boss (guitar, which was part of until the release of Manowar, Kings of Metal, 1988) and Donnie Hamzik (drums). With this lineup released their first album in 1982, the classic Battle Hymns.

Scott Columbus joined the band in 1983, in the album "Into Glory Ride" and not recorded "The Triumph of Steel" in 1992 (replaced by Kenny Earl "Rhino" Edwards), for personal issues. Columbus return to Manowar to record História do Manowar"Louder Than Hell", "Warriors of the World" and "Gods of War." In the EP "Thunder in the Sky," released in 2009, Donnie Hamzik assumes the sticks (Columbus leaves again for personal problems and continues with his situation indefinitely).

Manowar stands among the greatest metal bands in the world and its main characteristic is practicing true heavy metal.

Its theme is epic and lyric, mixing themes such as Norse mythology, women, speed, war and true devotion to heavy metal. It has fans considered the most insane and fanatical in the world!

História do ManowarManowar still holds his name inscribed in the Guinness Book as the band that achieved the loudest sound ever played on stage (being the same compared to the sound emitted by the turbine of a Boeing at the time of takeoff).

Released the DVD The Day the Earth Shook - The Absolute Power in 2006 and in 2007 launched the Live Kavarna, which contains more than three-hour show (including the band one more time in the Guinness Book). Recently broke his own record, in a show that lasted five hours and one minute.

The band has sold over nine million albums worldwide!