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Eric AdamsERIC ADAMS - Vocal

Born in Auburn, his family is of Italian origin, and Eric began singing at age 8 in the choir of a church. His first band was called "The Kidz" and was formed by him and three boys from Auburn.

In 70 years, Eric also participated in a band called "The Harlequins", and they also recorded a single. Eric, along with bassist Joey De Maio, sing in Manowar since the first album, Battle Hymns (1982).

Eric is known for his vocal prowess, having a great vocal range and great breath, getting hold high notes for more than 40 seconds in his shows.

Karl LoganKARL LOGAN - Guitar

Joined the band in 1994 after local presentations in Pennsylvania with the band Arc Angel (who was also the drummer AJ
Pero, former Twisted Sister).

According to Karl, he met Joey DeMaio for the first time after nearly run him over with his motorcycle.

Karl uses custom guitar Matisko.

Joey De MaioJOEY DE MAIO - Bass

Son of native American mother and Italian father. He worked as a technician with pyrotechnics the band Black Sabbath, during the tour from the album Heaven and Hell. During this period he met Ross The Boss, guitarist for The Dictators, a band that
acted as a support band in Birmingham.

Joey, Eric Adams, a old school classmate, and Ross the Boss, formed the Manowar and released their first album in 1982, Battle Hymns.

Joey plays electric bass, 4, 5 and 8 strings and is the main composer of the themes of the band.

Scott ColumbusDONNIE HAMZIK - Drums

Donnie Hamzik was born in Binghamton, NY. Was discovered by Joey DeMaio in the rock club Agora Ballroom in Hollywood, FL when a mutual friend brought Joey down to see Donnie play. It wasn't until a year later, that Joey DeMaio and Ross The Boss went to Florida and played together with Donnie. At that point Donnie was officially a member of Manowar.

Donnie left the band in 1983 and was replaced by Scott Columbus. He again appeared with Manowar on stage during "Earthshaker" Fest 2005 in Germany along with all other Manowar members past and present.

In 2009 Donnie reunited with Manowar and the rest of the band. He took part in Magic Circle Festival 2009 and also recorded the EP "Thunder in the Sky".

On October 15th, 2010 Joey DeMaio announced on Facebook that Hamzik is officially a member of Manowar again after a 26 year absence.


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