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Notícias do Manowar

09/09/2011 - Listen to Manowar playing rock classics

See a historic moment where the MANOWAR, at just under 10 minutes, play the songs, Highway Star, Paranoid, We Are the Champions, Green Manalishi and Rock n ´Roll. These songs were... Read more

28/07/2011 - MANOWAR Release Exclusive, Special Edition Of "Battle Hymns MMXI" with 4 Bonus Tracks

In celebration of their forthcoming UK/Ireland Tour in November 2011 (see dates below), MANOWAR will be releasing a Special Edition of their "Battle Hymns MMXI" album featuring 4 b... Read more


MANOWAR CONFIRMED HEADLINERS FOR GETAWAY ROCK FESTIVAL SWEDEN 2012 Late Friday night, MANOWAR bassist Joey DeMaio appeared onstage at this year´s Getaway Rock Festival in Gäv... Read more

30/06/2011 - Manowar Night 2011

Hail Brothers & Sisters! The Manowar Night on 25/06/2011 was great! Thanks to everyone who might go and even those who could not but cooperated in some way! Everyth... Read more

17/06/2011 - Learn how to go to Manowar Night 2011

We are offering two schemes to arrive at Night Manowar 2011. The first is the traditional "Google Maps" and the other was developed by the "BSOD" to simplify the life of the Headba... Read more

11/05/2011 - Book "Asgard: The saga of nine kingdoms"!

Available for sale in Brazil the book ASGARD: "THE SAGA OF NINE KINGDOMS"! Language: Portuguese (English version soon). The MANOWAR Brazilian Soldiers Of Death supports this book... Read more

06/05/2011 - Check out the video of Manowar Night 2009 - Official Release Party DVD Hell On Earth V

Watch the video recorded at Manowar Night 2009 - Official Release Party of the DVD Hell On Earth V. Click here to watch the video.... Read more

04/05/2011 - Nordic event marks the debut anthology "Asgard: The Saga of the Nine Kingdoms"

Finally the war drums announced the Viking invasion in the Boulevard Metro Tatuapé Shopping in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Patronize this incredible release in the midst of fighting, mediev... Read more

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Kings of Steel


Kings of Steel was first conceived as a tribute to Manowar.
The band was formed in December of 2000 by Alex DiArce (bass guitars) and Cleber Krichinak (vocals). Karl Heinz Brehme (guitars) and Márcio Petian (drums) were invited for the lineup, so the team was complete.
Karl plays in the band until January of 2003. Evandro Moraes joins the band in his place.Kings of Steel
Another loss is faced by Kings of Steel in June of 2003, this time by Márcio Petian. Dill Ferrari was invited for the drums and plays until november that year.
In January of 2004, Marcus Castellani joins for the drums and leaves the band in August of 2008.
In January of 2009, Marcelo Petri becomes Kings of Steel's new drummer, and it was also when Carlos Favalli was invited for the keyboards.

The present Kings of Steel is:
Alex DiArce – Bass Guitars
Cleber Krichinak – Vocals
Evandro Moraes – Guitars
Marcelo Petri – Drums
Carlos Favalli – Keyboards


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