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Notícias do Manowar

14/04/2011 - Manowar make homage to Scott Columbus in Kerkrade

Video footage of MANOWAR bassist/leader Joey DeMaio´s onstage speech filmed during the band´s April 8, 2011 headlining concert at Rodahal in Kerkrade, Netherlands in which he addre... Read more

05/04/2011 - Note about the passing of Scott Columbus

We from Manowar Brazilian Soldiers Of Death mourn the loss of a big idol, a monster of drums, a guy who is a heavy metal’s symbol. We all must be strong. An idol is gone but we ... Read more

01/04/2011 - 1 year ago we announced the return of the Kings to Brazil

"WARNING: This is NOT an April 1st joke!", "Get ready to get your fucking head blown off, Joey". In this way we completed the announcement of the Kings return to Brazil, Argent... Read more

24/03/2011 - MANOWAR Gives Away Free Road Warrior T-Shirts

MANOWAR are once again giving away an exclusive, FREE "Road Warrior" t-shirt to every ticket holder who joins their shows from a different US state or country on the upcoming Battl... Read more

12/03/2011 - Next Manowar Night - Confirmed!

Hail Brothers & Sisters! Finally we confirmed the date for the next MANOWAR NIGHT. It´ll be on June 25, 2011 at Led Slay in Sao Paulo. Get ready! It´ll be a VERY special ... Read more

18/02/2011 - MANOWAR Bring Battle Hymns Tour To Spain in April!

The demands of the Spanish fans have been answered and MANOWAR will bring the Battle Hymns Tour and TRUE metal to Spain on April 10, 2011 at La Riviera! MANOWAR´s last perfor... Read more

15/02/2011 - MANOWAR sells out 2nd night in Greece! A 3rd show has been added!

Those who waited and missed the opportunity to buy a ticket, now have another chance: MANOWAR has just confirmed a THIRD show at Principal Club Theater in Thessaloniki, Greece. The... Read more

03/02/2011 - The largest Manowar community about Manowar in Orkut

The "MANOWAR-BR" is now managed by the Manowar Brazilian Soldiers Of Death. The great Diego, former owner, transferred to us! We keep the name of Manowar always strong in Brazil. ... Read more

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Kings of Steel


Kings of Steel was first conceived as a tribute to Manowar.
The band was formed in December of 2000 by Alex DiArce (bass guitars) and Cleber Krichinak (vocals). Karl Heinz Brehme (guitars) and Márcio Petian (drums) were invited for the lineup, so the team was complete.
Karl plays in the band until January of 2003. Evandro Moraes joins the band in his place.Kings of Steel
Another loss is faced by Kings of Steel in June of 2003, this time by Márcio Petian. Dill Ferrari was invited for the drums and plays until november that year.
In January of 2004, Marcus Castellani joins for the drums and leaves the band in August of 2008.
In January of 2009, Marcelo Petri becomes Kings of Steel's new drummer, and it was also when Carlos Favalli was invited for the keyboards.

The present Kings of Steel is:
Alex DiArce – Bass Guitars
Cleber Krichinak – Vocals
Evandro Moraes – Guitars
Marcelo Petri – Drums
Carlos Favalli – Keyboards


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